Winter 2024 Release

February 14 2024
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Mike Vichich
Pursuit Winter 2024 Release

Government impacts every aspect of daily life, yet it faces immense financial pressure with costs often growing three times faster than revenues. This unsustainable situation is exacerbated by contracting inefficiencies that drive up costs and limit competition. Critics often blame incompetence or corruption, but Pursuit believes the issue lies in the incentive structure and can be solved with software and AI.

Complicated procurement rules intended to safeguard public funds actually stifle competition and innovation. These rules benefit incumbent vendors and those who prefer the status quo, reducing opportunities for new, cost-effective solutions. Pursuit aims to simplify government contracting, making it easier for new vendors to compete and win contracts, thereby driving down costs and improving services.

Product updates
1. Contact Intelligence

Pursuit has revolutionized the process of updating CRM contacts. Marketing and sales teams, especially those targeting government entities, can now streamline their workflows. By simply entering target roles into Pursuit, users can quickly generate comprehensive lists for all 90,000 government units in the USA. These lists can be refined by specific criteria such as geography or population size, focusing on entities ranging from 50,000 to 2 million people. Pursuit’s Contact Intelligence ensures the most up-to-date email and phone information, significantly enhancing efficiency and accuracy for sales teams.

2. CRM Integration

Pursuit’s new integrations with Salesforce and HubSpot automate the tedious process of contact data management, a common pain point for government go-to-market teams, particularly in sales and revenue operations. With these integrations, users can now put their contact data on autopilot, eliminating the risk of duplicate contacts and entities. Users begin by specifying which Personas they want to create and the desired Authority Level. Pursuit then ensures only relevant data is pushed into the CRM and keeps it in sync with any updates, freeing up teams to focus on more strategic tasks.

3. Entity Intelligence

Entity Intelligence is designed to help sales teams navigate the often lengthy and complex government sales cycles. Multiple CEOs have noted that their best-selling representatives are often the best project managers, rather than the most persuasive sales people. Pursuit addresses this by providing detailed information on who to target, when, and with what message. For instance, for companies selling CMS, Agenda Management, or Community Engagement Software, Pursuit can quickly analyze the source code of government websites to reveal the tech stack used by FED, SLED, and Special District entities. This allows sales teams to prioritize accounts that are most ready to buy, eliminating the guesswork from account management and significantly shortening sales cycles.

4. Self-Serve Signup

Pursuit has simplified the onboarding process with its self-serve signup feature. This enhancement makes it incredibly easy for individual sales representatives and go-to-market leaders to get started. Users can sign up, access contacts, and begin leveraging Pursuit’s powerful tools within minutes. This user-friendly approach ensures that even those new to Pursuit can quickly integrate the platform into their workflows, enabling immediate productivity gains.

1. Parth Shah, Cofounder & CEO of Polimorphic

Learn how Polimorphic’s GTM team used Pursuit to create account hierarchies, design territories, prioritize accounts, and more.

2. Alex Pederson, Cofounder and COO of Polco

Learn why Polco switched from Power Almanac. Hint: Real time updates pushed into their CRM for 90,000 units of government.

What's next?

We believe in the future of America. We are optimistic that, if it were easier to work with the government, more people would do it. We’d have more dynamic contracting markets, filled with established companies and hard-working upstarts competing to see who can deliver the most value to the American people. Sound unreasonable? That’s what we love about it.

For now, we’ll keep shipping software that makes it easier to work with government. We’d love to hear how we could best help you. Please reach out via email at

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