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Don’t spend another second chasing contact data; Immediately increase your outbound activity with Pursuit.

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Every government buyer’s contact info at your fingertips


Broadest and deepest contact data

Arm your team with 2 million contacts from 90k+ units of government. You’re only as good as your data.

  • Name
  • Title
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Social Media

Freshest data on the market

We built a multi-step system to ensure that names, emails, phones, and roles are legit and up-to-date.

  • Proprietary Data Retriever
  • Pattern Detector
  • Refreshed Data
  • Email and Phone Validation
  • Automated Workflow

Sync to HubSpot

Your team shouldn't be wasting time hunting for the right buyer; it should just be in your CRM.

  • Create the personas you care about, based on title, department
  • Select which level you want to target: C-Level, VP, Director or Decision Maker, Influencers, Users
  • Sync which types of governments you want to target: Municipalities, Counties, K12, State Agencies, Higher Ed, Federal
  • Updates flow thru into your CRM anytime there's a new person in our system

Timelines tell important stories

Use your target buyer’s past behavior to predict their future behavior.

  • Prior Roles & Relationships
  • Past RFPs & Contract Involvement
  • Purchase Patterns & Preferences (e.g., buys local)
  • Transcripts from Commission, Council, or Board Meetings
  • Overlay Your Own Internal Data

Broad, Deep, Accurate, Time-Series Data

Imagine you had an army of contractors working around the clock to ensure the data in your CRM was pristine and actionable.

CRM Integration

Pursuit will automatically update your Salesforce & HubSpot based on rules you define.

Universal Person IDs

We create a unique ID that represents each contact in our database, dramatically reducing duplication of records.

Every Entity of Government in the USA

Pursuit has indexed contact data from federal, state, local, education, special districts, healthcare orgs, and public utilities.

You're in great company

Here's what some of the best GovTech companies say about us.

Working with Pursuit has enabled our sales team to spend less time researching contacts and more time building relationships with the right people.

Alex Peterson
Co-founder & COO of Polco

Understanding the intersection of people's interests, not just roles and departments, is key. Pursuit provides insights into what people are posting and talking about, which helps us connect our product to their needs.

Parth Shah
Co-founder & CEO of Polimorphic

Working with Pursuit to fill the top of funnel and work those leads early has created a bunch of opportunities for us in a relatively short amount of time, which has been awesome.

Grant Drzyzga
Co-founder & CEO of Revela

Win bids, before they're bids.

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