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Spring 2024 Release

Watch our release event to discover our latest product announcements and learn how Pursuit can help you find and win more contracts.

Pursuit’s Spring Release

Graphical representation of the Contact Data process

Contact Data

Automatically identify every out of date contact in your CRM; Add relevant contact info for the personas and departments you target.

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See how to put your contacts on autopilot
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Account Data & Prioritization

Tell your reps which prospects are most likely to buy. Pursuit uses Machine Learning to create a win probability, based on data from your CRM and publicly available government data.

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Learn how to target the best deals
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Pipeline Generation

A successful BDR team has so many ingredients: excellent data, process, management, metrics. It can take years to get these right. Pursuit puts them all into a box that you can buy, giving you qualified meetings on your AE’s calendars.

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Discover how Pursuit Pipeline Generation can help you
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Interview with Grant Drzyzga, Revela Cofounder & CEO

Revela is a successful property & loan management software company whose customers are predominantly in the private sector. Pursuit’s Pipeline Generation has helped them expand into government.

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See how Revela scaled its government go to market outreach
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Prior release events

Pursuit Winter 2024 Release

Announcements: Contact Intelligence, CRM Integration, Entity Intelligence, Self-Serve Signup. Learn how Polimorphic and Polco use Pursuit to prioritize accounts, and improve their proposal win rates.

Fall 2023 Release

Pursuit is transforming government contracting with an extensive, up-to-date database of U.S. officials, simplifying and democratizing access for businesses to engage effectively with government entities.

Win bids, before they're bids.

Fast growing government contractors use Pursuit to find and win more contracts.