Spring 2024 Release

May 15 2024
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Mike Vichich
Spring 2024 Release

We founded Pursuit with a bold mission: to simplify government interactions and drive meaningful change. Despite the critical role government services play in our lives, bureaucratic hurdles often hinder efficiency and innovation. Pursuit is here to streamline these processes, making it easier for businesses to navigate and thrive in the public sector.

We understand the challenges faced by vendors and contractors dealing with government agencies. Our software and AI solutions automate complex tasks like licensing, registration, and compliance, reducing overhead and enhancing accessibility. In just six months, Pursuit has partnered with leading GovTech firms and startups, underscoring our commitment to improving government operations across various sectors.

Today, we’re unveiling updates in three key areas: Contact Data, Account Data & Prioritization, and Pipeline Generation. These enhancements empower sales teams to focus on strategic initiatives, optimize outreach efforts, and ultimately drive more successful outcomes.

Product updates
1. Contact Data

In sales, especially when dealing with government entities, up-to-date contact information is essential. Traditional CRM systems often struggle with outdated data, hindering effective outreach. Pursuit's Contact Intelligence addresses this challenge head-on by providing a comprehensive, automated solution.

Pursuit scans every government website, PDF document, and meeting transcript to extract and verify contact details. This data is seamlessly integrated into popular CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot, ensuring sales teams always have accurate information at their fingertips. From automatic email verification to intelligent de-duplication, Pursuit enhances efficiency and reliability in managing government contacts.

With Pursuit, sales teams can focus on building relationships and closing deals, rather than managing data. Our system continuously monitors and updates contact information, ensuring CRM databases remain current and actionable. Embrace the future of contact management and elevate your outreach strategies to new heights.

2. Account Data & Prioritization

Navigating government sales requires precision and insight. Pursuit’s Entity Intelligence system provides detailed win probabilities for each account, empowering sales teams to prioritize efforts effectively.

By integrating CRM data with insights from Pursuit’s extensive database, our system calculates win probabilities in real-time. This enables sales reps to identify high-potential targets quickly and tailor their strategies accordingly. With access to data from over 990,000 government units, including budgets and strategic plans, Pursuit revolutionizes how sales teams approach government accounts.

Continuous updates ensure that win probabilities reflect the latest market dynamics and internal insights, optimizing sales efficiency. Seamlessly integrated with leading CRMs, our system equips sales teams with the insights needed to close more deals confidently.

3. Pipeline Generation

At Pursuit, we’re not just about providing data; we’re committed to delivering outcomes. Our Pipeline Generation services act as your dedicated Business Development Representative (BDR), generating high-quality leads and scheduling qualified meetings for your Account Executives.

Our approach is structured around three phases: Research, Test, and Scale. Starting with in-depth research into your market and target personas, we refine outreach strategies through iterative testing. Leveraging Pursuit’s advanced AI and data intelligence, we scale outbound efforts across targeted regions, maximizing engagement and conversion rates.

What sets Pursuit apart is our focus on lead quality and customer fit. We ensure that outbound leads are as compelling as inbound leads, driving higher win rates and sustained sales productivity. Embrace the future of sales with Pursuit and unlock unparalleled success in your government sales endeavors.

Grant Drzyzga, Founder & CEO of Revela

Revela is a successful property & loan management software company whose customers are predominantly in the private sector. Pursuit’s Pipeline Generation has helped them expand into government.

What's next?

We believe in the future of America. We are optimistic that, if it were easier to work with the government, more people would do it. We’d have more dynamic contracting markets, filled with established companies and hard-working upstarts competing to see who can deliver the most value to the American people. Sound unreasonable? That’s what we love about it.

For now, we’ll keep shipping software that makes it easier to work with government. We’d love to hear how we could best help you. Please reach out via email at

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