2023 Fall Release

November 20 2023
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Mike Vichich
Fall 2023 Release
Contacts into Contracts

Sales & marketing teams should be selling, not finding & updating contact data in your CRM.

Pursuit has assembled the broadest, deepest, and most accurate database of elected and administrative officials for government entities in the United States.

Why assemble all this contact data in the first place?

Pursuit’s mission is to make it easy to work with governments.

In our version of the future, all contractors would be on a level playing field — with the same ability to identify and build relationships with the right government officials at the right time, identify how contracts propagate from one government entity to another, create high-quality proposals that reflect their ability to deliver, and manage the terms & compliance associated with a government contract. Historically, incumbents benefitted from their scale, which allowed them to fund teams of people who did this work. Today, Pursuit makes it possible for a much smaller team to deliver the same level of output.

Relationships, privileged information, and opaque procurement processes are now less of a barrier. We believe that this will create a more dynamic and competitive government contracting market, benefiting governments, businesses, and taxpayers.

Pursuit's ultimate goal is to empower businesses with tools that enable them to deliver value for the American people.

What is Contact Intelligence exactly?

There are roughly 90k units of government in the USA spanning municipal, county, higher education, k12, state, federal, and other special districts. Within those 90k governments, 30% of the people find new jobs every year. There are no viable solutions today that provide contact info for sales & marketing campaigns to these entities. The ones that do exist target a subset of the market.

As a consequence, your sales, marketing, and business development teams are wasting time searching for the right person to contact at each target entity.

Enter Pursuit Contact Intelligence. Our edge exists on four dimensions.

1. Breadth
Government units covered by Pursuit

Breadth. Unlike our competitors who focus on a single vertical of governments, say, municipal or school districts, Pursuit covers all units of government in the USA, including the often-overlooked special districts. Your business probably doesn’t stop at the arbitrary line of city vs. county. Why should your contact data?

2. Depth
An example of the NYC org chart

Depth. While others might provide information on the top 10 to 20 roles, we delve deeper. We've meticulously indexed every individual working within government agencies, offering a comprehensive and detailed data pool. For example, within a police department, the buyer you need to contact might be several layers below the chief. Getting the right person from the start enables you to shorten the time it takes to establish a connection, thereby reducing your sales cycle time.

3. Accuracy
A timeline with up-to-date data

Accuracy. 30% of Government staff turns over every year. To combat the resulting high bounce rates detrimental to outbound marketing and sales, we've implemented a multi-pronged system to ensure that contact data, emails, and phone numbers are the freshest they can possibly be. It just makes more sense for one company to keep the data fresh, instead of every individual sales or marketing person at every company selling to governments.

4. Time
A profile's timeline

Time. Suppose the city manager with whom you want to build a relationship was previously the Assistant City Manager in Phoenix, before that the City Manager of Cincinnati, and before that the Chief Administrative Officer for Louisville — all of which played out over a 24 year career. This data highlights two critical insights: First, the pace and path of growth, which helps you understand who the rising superstars are, and what their backgrounds entail. For example, your company may have more success selling to City Managers who came up through Finance than those who grew through Public Works. Second, and more importantly, Pursuit allows you to overlay your own data to these timelines. Imagine if you knew that the new controller at our top customer used your competitor in their immediately prior role — or that one of your current customers was prompted into a buying position at a new entity.

What's next?

We believe in the future of America. We are optimistic that, if it were easier to work with the government, more people would do it. We’d have more dynamic contracting markets, filled with established companies and hard-working upstarts competing to see who can deliver the most value to the American people. Sound unreasonable? That’s what we love about it.

For now, we’ll keep shipping software that makes it easier to work with government. We’d love to hear how we could best help you. Please reach out via email at

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